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8 Essential Tips to Improve Your Web Design in 2021

A few seconds on your landing page will make your customer decide whether he should explore your website or not. Do your visitors get the idea of what your company is all about? Is the navigation smooth and speedy? Are the colors of your web design compelling or repelling the visitors? 

Do not worry! If good things are not coming in your way. You need to muster up your energy to put in your efforts once again to optimize and design your website. If you sow now, you will surely reap one day. 

From amazing content to design and navigation, each thing is as significant as any other. Whether it is blogging or an eCommerce website, the success lies in the compelling design, quality content, smooth and easy navigation and exceptional user experience. Brace yourself! You are going on a voyage to recollect the tips you missed last time. Certainly, you will find some new things too. 

Have a Plan: 

Your customers are your biggest assets. Map out the journey of your visitors who became your customers. The pages they have significantly viewed, the blogs they have read, and the offers they have converted on.

Relying on the preferences of your customers will make you improve your design accordingly. Focus on the commonalities that occur between those who turn out to be your customers and those who do not.  It will surely help you get more leads. 

Imagery and Words: 

With an attention span of eight seconds, your visitor will close your website if it is stuffed with distracting stocky images, ill-formatted long content and ambiguous animation. Too many icons, a bunch of buttons, on-page animations and popping up interactions overwhelm and distract the customers. 

You must be careful about the imagery, colors, font styles, logo usage, iconography you are applying on your website. The relevancy in content, appropriate format and fonts, simple but informative design are the keys to the success of your website. 

User’s Experience: 

Navigation and speed are the other factors that are eating up your website. Does your website offer your customer access at any point from any other area? Do not let your navigation bars and menu be muddled and cloudy. If the navigation is easy, you will experience a traffic spike and your customers will stay longer on your website. 

Just a few seconds of delay in loading the cart, and you will end up losing a customer. The high-sized images, unnecessary plugins, and pop-ups will reduce the speed of your website. These factors are customers’ repellent. The smooth experience and simple design with all the necessary elements will take you to heights. 

Social Proof:

With over 1 billion users, it is your chance to take on. If you are not yet on social media, then your website needs to be recognized there. Take advantage of social media and highlight your products and write-ups there. Social media has played a great role in the success of eCommerce merchants and bloggers. 

You can also promote your products on social media to reach an extensive audience. Once the visitors get on your website, the rest is over on the design and content of your website. 

Mobile Responsive Design: 

If you do not have an existing mobile responsive design, then it is time to have one. A software house in Islamabad will certainly help you out with that. With the shift in the preferences of the people and domination of mobile phones, people like to make orders on their phones. 

For an existing mobile design, you must inspect the issues. The appropriate format, easy navigation, simple and compelling design must be the feature of your mobile responsive design. 

Call to Action:

People are lazy, so they do not like finding things on their own. Does your website have enough elements to guide them to the right place? Call to Action includes account creation, free trial, sign up for a newsletter, download a sample, click here for more information, add to cart, see all marketing prices and so on. 

Call to Action buttons and elements play a significant role in engaging the visitors and converting them into customers. Call to Action pop-ups and buttons must not enforce your visitors. It must be their own choice. 

White Space:

A mess of valuable things will never appeal to anybody. People are concerned with appearances and discipline. White space refers to the areas on the pages that lack elements, content and visuals. Let it be white! You need not stuff up the white space with unnecessary elements and content. 

You must keep the white space whether it is on the front page or any other page. It will enhance the readability score and deliver an appealing look to the visitor. You must make white space yourself by stripping the design and breaking the content If your website lacks white space. 


SEO is as important as anything else. You must make a list of the services and products on your websites that are SEO-optimized and which are not. SEO will rank your services in the search bar, and there is a possibility of experiencing a peak audience. 

You have no idea what you are missing if you are not aware of SEO. You must hire an SEO expert beforehand. 


There are hundreds of ways to improve your web design. The mentioned ones are the significant ones. So, start implementing and experience a great audience. Do not be afraid of failure, rather fail better next time and keep improving.

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