William Tell Musician and His Journey to Court

william tell musician

William Tell is a musician who is well known for being the significant other of famous personality, Lauren Conrad. Lauren Conrad is a reality TV star and has been on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Having a famous wife is also what lead to William’s success in the field of music.

William Tell has become relatively known for his music, but also because of the story that he brings to the table. William Tell musician, has now turned into a law student. This article will guide you regarding his journey from the stages to the courts. For more clarification on how you can pursue your law career, you can check thelawadvisory.com.

Life as a Musician

Before William Tell decided to become a law student, he was in a band by the name of “something corporate”. He was a guitarist in this band and the band existed nearly a decade before the whole debacle.

Something corporate was slowly beginning to gain fame and fortune. They were singing on stages and such by the time Tell was 22. This band put Tell on the map, just by pure talent. He had gained a certain level of fame and would have been qualified to be called a musician by that age.

Apart from being in a famous band, William Tell had also gone to music business school where he learned more about how the industry functions. In fact, his friends from the music industry used to call Tell and ask for advice regarding the decisions that need to be made and what marketing tactic would work best.

Tell talked about how it wasn’t as strange, going to business school for music after already having been a musician himself. He has considered it rewarding and appreciates what he got to learn when he went to school related to music.

The band had gotten its first label deal early on in the years. William Tell, musician says that he is grateful for the opportunity that he received and also for the consent of his parents who supported him and his music career quite a lot.

However, Tell had this idea in the back of his mind that he wanted to make a career for himself. He wanted to go solo and prove to the world that he is as talented and deserving of all the fame. With dedication, he has earned the fortune that he had received, regardless of the source he had gotten from.

In 2004, Tell departed from the band and went solo. William Tell, musician was making every aspect of the music by himself. He was singing the songs, writing the lyrics and even composing the music. However, he was reaching thirty without having gone too far with his music career and he began to get agitated.

There was a certain level of fame that had followed him from his time in the band, but there was no considerable change in the way that he was moving forward. Things weren’t necessarily turning out the way that he had wanted and this caused him trouble.

He began to see the way his friends had been gaining success in the field of law and made a decision that would change his life and his entire career path. He decided to go to law school and try his luck there. This was also because he had given his word to his parents and he intended on keeping it.

Life in Law

Tell saw studying the law as gaining a sense of professional autonomy. He believed that becoming an attorney would get him where he wanted to be in terms of his career and the work he does.

Tell has often claimed that he does have a genuine interest in law. He has mentioned that this interest rose from wanting to study the history of law. He also found that felt engrossed in the details concerning government politics and wanted to study that as well.

He appreciated the nuances of the way that the legal system works and wanted to learn more about it. He felt thoroughly fascinated with the way the law works and wanted to do everything in his power to be included in the field in one way or another. It is a field of interest for him.

Tell also talked about how his fiancée was supportive of the decisions that he was making and actually showed interest in what he was doing. After Tell came back from school, she asked all sorts of questions regarding the subject without sounding bored or aggravated.

Tell talked about how the real situation of courts is vastly different than what is often shown on tv. He felt strange when he watched a show and the compared the real thing to it. Law was becoming a very important part of Tell’s life and he did not mind it at all.

At this point, Tell is in his third year of law school and had learned a lot. He is working towards helping new lawyers or law students who have recently joined the field and are showing avid interest in this specific line of work. He has explained that when in the law field, the most important aspect is networking.

You have to socialize and talk to others who are in the field. He has told them to maintain a decent relationship with their seniors in order to maintain good grades and also get internships of all sub-fields.


This is a story for people who are looking to change their field. You can take a good look at Tell’s life and see that you are allowed to change your course whenever you deem fit. There is no such thing as too late if you want to turn your life around and live the way that you want to.

Tell’s story teaches people to follow their dreams, but at the same time, keep in mind that your dreams may not always lead you to the right path. William Tell, musician turned into William Tell the lawyer when he actually put his mind to it.

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