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Choosing a Family car For a Road Trip Across the US

There are so many situations in your life when you need a bigger car than you usually take. As an example, you are planning a family road trip with your kids and grammy. Or you dream about an outing with friends for the weekend. Are you going to rent two autos? It’s not really comfortable, you know. What if you are the only driver in your company? You don’t have to spray out your attention and double cars. Only 7 passenger car rental can save the situation. Whenever you cross the USA territory, you can rent a van as the best family car to enjoy a trip together. No one has to stay at home. Everyone is welcomed!

Why need a large car?

The main problem when traveling is how to gain maximum space for people and their luggage. With a large car, you will never have any! That’s not a big deal if you have lots of luggage on holiday. Your large auto is able to fit the whole travel company and numerous valises. Traveling with children, special child seats are required for safe and comfortable driving and lots of space around. As a rule, vans and minivans come up with a good solution if this problem. 

How to choose a 7-seater?

It is not a problem to rent a big car in the US territory. For this occasion, rental companies have special tasty rates for the cars of more than 5 passengers. 7-seaters are often available but if you want one particular car, you’d better book it in a month before you go. Go online and see a large selection of different car models, including vans, minivans, minibuses. You choose, depending on how many people you take with you.

Here are a few things to remember before you go:

  • Check insurance
  • Check additional driving options available
  • Check if there is enough luggage space in your car
  • Check if there are child seats in your car
  • Check if you have a class B driving license
  • Check if you take a credit card


Popular 7-seaters to drive in the USA

1. Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

This is a roomy car with a massive boot and stylish design. If you are a big fan of Volkswagen Touran or Kia Carens, you will definitely find much interesting here. The space for passengers is huge. There is enough room for 6 adults and enough space to place two or three child seats. The seats go in three rows and you can fit a child seat whenever you want but not only at the back as most of the 7-seaters usually offer. 

2. Volkswagen Touran

This is another large car for traveling long distances. You will appreciate its high-quality interior and powerful engines. On the surface, you may think this car is not exciting at all. But the price for a high roof and comfortable seats will impress you a lot. The huge doors and lots of interior space is good news! This is the most comfortable family car you can find! At the core, the car has seven flexible seats you can move to access the back row. The seats are comfortable for adults and give enough space for fitting child seats if needed. There is plenty of room for luggage.

3. Volkswagen Sharan

Meet one of the best-taken 7-seaters in America. The price starts from 200 dollars, depending on how much time is left to your journey. The car can boast an excellent seating system with three normal-size individual seats in three rows. The seats are comfortable for adults, giving passengers plenty of legroom and stretching. All the systems in the car are quiet and the inner design is very comfortable and peaceful. You will arrive at your destination on time and refreshed. Renting Volkswagen 7-seater you will take pleasure in driving such a speedy car.

4. Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest is known for its modern interior and a great space storing luggage. This is the best car for family travelers. The back row of seats is specially equipped for kids. The child seats fit well there. Also, your teenage passengers will have enough room for comfortable seating with heating function and sliding doors. You can pack anything you need for the trip, even the most volume luggage. Traditionally, you can keep the third row down to get more extra space.

Do you feel comfortable driving a large car? So, you may need a seven-seater vehicle? Is five-seater enough for you? Everything depends on your needs. If you are a company of 6 and more people, you may have no choice to rent a 7-seater or divide your trip into two smaller cars. Three rows of seats are awesome, but only if you need them. However, if want to take 7-seater for more storage space, there is absolutely no need for seven seats. You can take a 5-seat car with a large trunk instead.


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