List of 10 Best Streaming Apps to watch movies

List of 10 Best Streaming Apps to watch movies

Weekend or weekday, how do you chill and have a relaxed time if you can find no place to easily stream your favorite movies? Streaming is level one; how do you find the best streaming applications which do not show you that concentric buffering circle each time the best scene of the movie is about to come? We have made a list of the top 10 best streaming applications that cover all your needs for you, including paid and free applications. These are the best free movie app that will let you enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies easily.

  1. Netflix


That would be a given, no? Netflix is currently the largest streaming application, with almost two million paid subscribers all around the world! Netflix allows you to find your favorite movies online, in all languages, with minimal buffering. That is because when you play a movie on Netflix, it automatically takes your internet speed into account, and buffers your movie accordingly, giving you an almost buffering-free experience. One of the charms of this streaming application is that it provides accurate subtitles, making your experience of watching Spanish, Turkish, Korean (or any other movie whose language you are not familiar with) worthwhile.

  1. HBO Now

HBO now

Next up is HBO’s own application, HBO Now! This streaming application allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and interesting documentaries at any time. With special access to HBO’s own creations, this application offers you a chance to watch the latest as well as the old classic movies at one stop. Like Netflix, HBO Now requires a subscription, which enables the customers to watch ad-free movies with no interruption.

  1. Amazon prime video


Amazon prime offers a subscription package to its customers, and in return proves to be one of the leading streaming applications in this age. Its affiliation with multiple production houses allows it to stream the latest movies and documentaries, including the Premier League. This streaming application also allows you to pay only for the movies you wish to watch instead of subscribing to an entire package.

  1. Hulu


Hulu is one of the streaming applications which not only allows you to watch movies, but also subscribe to their live on-demand TV channels without any commercials! It allows you to create six online profiles through a single subscription. You also do not have to wait for very long to watch your favorite movies and shows, as they are available to be watched usually a day after they air!

  1. Tubi TV

Tubi TVTubi TV is one of the applications that you can use to watch your movies for free. The movies are accessible and organized according to popular genres (like horror and sitcom), which makes it quick and exciting to search through.

  1. Viewster


Another free best streaming application is Viewster, which grants its users free access to movies, anime, documentaries, and dramas. With an option to stream movies in many languages (including German and Spanish), this application is most suitable for people who wish to watch their movies within their private space (on tablets or mobile phones).

  1. JioCinema:


If you are a Shahrukh Khan fan, or just generally in awe of Bollywood movies, this one is for you! JioCinema provides free access for Jio mobile users to thousands of Bollywood (and Hollywood) movies and TV shows. It is an ad-free streaming application, which also offers subtitles in 15 different Indian languages. This application is also kid-friendly, as it allows adults to restrict unwanted content by adding a pin that secures mature content and limits the reach for kids.

  1. Popcornflix:


Popcornflix is one of the best streaming applications, as it provides free access to all hit Hollywood movies and TV shows. It sorts out your movies for you, by showing the latest releases at the top menu. With this application, you can enjoy original humorous content as well, which presents itself under the name of ‘Popcornflix originals’.

  1. Vudu:


Vudu is one of the biggest streaming applications for movies. It provides access to some movies for free, which play with ads in order to promote content creators. It has an updated list of movies, with the newest added as quickly as possible after their release date. In order to watch movies on this streaming application, one must create an account or sign in.

  1. Snagfilms:


If you want to support independent films (which are produced outside the major film studio) by increasing their watch rate, this streaming application is for you! Snagfilms include all sorts of independent movies and documentaries, that you can watch for free, with minimal intrusion caused by ads. This application includes the classics mostly in great HD quality.

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