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Best Parental Monitoring Software for Kids

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Parents these days are looking forward to performing parental monitoring on kid’s online activities because children these days have digital citizenship. However, kids don’t realize the dos and don’ts of being digital citizens. 

Therefore, children are facing digital dangers in terms of sex –offenders, online bullies, and child traffickers. The criminals’ minds have been migrated on the web and they always try to target young teens and children. 

So, parents have no other options but to protect teens from online predators. Cellphone devices connected to the internet and social media platforms enable children to interact with the people they want to. Now parents are looking forward to getting their hands on the world’s best parental monitoring app for kid’s online safety.

What is a parental tracking app for kids?

It is an application that was developed and designed for the safety of the children on the web, and particularly on social media. You can get your hands on it, but you have to have access to the webpage of TheOneSpy.

You can install it on your kid’s and teens’ cellphone and tablet devices and upload its web portal to use the features and upload the activities of teens online on the web portal. The application is user –friendly and easy to install on the target device.

It is pack with powerful and advanced features that enable you to get access to someone’s mobile device. Furthermore, users can use call recording, screenshots, screen recording, internet history, and GPS tracking.

In addition to that, users can use social media messenger monitoring software, IM’s call recording, and remote features that block calls, messages, and the internet. The cellphone parental monitoring app provides you customer support live to chat to discuss all the technical issues you are facing after having the subscription.


It is a cellphone surveillance app that works on mobile and tablet devices running with Android OS. Users can remotely and secretly track a phone on Android devices up to version 10 and the latest devices.

How to install TheOneSpy to perform parental monitoring on kid’s phone?

If you are parents of young kids obsessed with digital phones and social media and getting involved in inappropriate activities, then you need to set parental control on kid’s cellphone. Therefore, you need to visit the webpage of TheOneSpy.

 Once you are on the web page and then subscribe to cellphone parental monitoring software. You will receive a password and ID in return via an email.  Now you need to get physical access on the target device. Once you have got the physical access on the target device, and then get started with the process of installation.

 Now end up with the process of installation successfully and activate the parental tracking app on the target device. Use the password and ID and get access to the online web portal. Furthermore, users can get access to the features and use them on children’s cellphone devices to know about their activities.

Use cellphone surveillance app features to monitor kids online 

Call recording

Users can record live incoming and outgoing calls on teen’s cellphone devices using secret call recording software. Furthermore, the user can save the data on the web portal.

Screen recording

User can remotely get access to the target device and start making back to back to short videos of the screen and send to the online dashboard using screen recorder software. Users can watch all the recorded videos and get to know what kids are doing on the cellphone.

Social media monitoring

Users can get access to the online web portal and then activate social media features. It empowers you to get the logs of social messaging apps installed on the target device. Users can get access to the logs of instant messaging apps message, chat, voice and video calls, and voice messages.

IM’s Voice calls

Users can get access to the cellphone installed instant messengers and start the recording of one-sided calls using IM’s VoIP call recording. Users can record voice calls of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Google Hangout, Viber, and line.


Parents can remotely capture screenshots of the target cellphone device of kids and get to know what they are up to.


TheOneSpy parental monitoring app is the best tool for parents to keep an eye on kids’ and teens’ activities.

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