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Guide to Make your Home Office a Sanctuary

We would all want to work from a home office that is straight out of an interior design magazine. In reality, it is not always possible to achieve a stylish and exciting home office. Not everyone would have access to the flashy modular office furniture, or you may not have the right office furniture manufacturer at your disposal. However, do not let that thought discourage you from having the best home office setup that suits your need and uplifts your mood. 

You can put in some effort and make smart changes to achieve a decent looking personalized home office just for you. Add your magic so that your home workstation spells out uniqueness and your personality. 

We have created a must-do list to create a home a comfortable sanctuary that supports your physical health and productivity. Here we go:

Invest in ergonomic furniture

Don’t get swayed away by glitzy and glamour elements of creating a home office. First, concentrate on the basics. Your absolute priority while setting up a home office needs to be investing in the right kind of modular office furniture. With so many ergonomic designs available in the market, choose the right kind of chair and desk that suits your body, and gives it comfort. 

A few of these furniture pieces may be very expensive, so do your research diligently about the different kinds of home office furniture available. Make sure to invest in an adjustable chair and desk that you suits your body posture. A desk that can be adjusted to a standing position would be a huge plus for your physical health.

Prioritize cleanliness

To create a professional and positive environment, make sure to keep your desk and surrounding neat and clean from time to time. A messy desk reflects a messy mind and vice-versa. Even research has shown that a clean desk helps in making your day positive and productive. Clear the clutter and buy organizers to keep your files, notepads, and stationery at the desk organized. 

Don’t underestimate the impact of lighting

Though ignored, lighting is one of the key ingredients to create an appealing ambiance. It can make or break the entire atmosphere of your home office. Preferably, try to tap into the natural light and minimize the usage of electric light. 

However, if you can’t do so or if you work late into the night, you would need a proper light that would accommodate the brightness of your laptop. In case of inadequate or too much lighting, you would have strained eyes, which may lead to long term eyesight issues. 

Personalize your workstation

Apart from all the standard do’s and don’ts, don’t forget to add your unique touch to your home office. Even at the office, you might have restrictions on what to use and what not to; however, a home office gives freedom and space to experiment. Decorate it will your favorite quotes, photos, accessories, or stationery to make it your own. 

Once you start building a customized desk on your own, you can improve it eventually and keep adding to it. 

Including plants is not an option

Working from home for an extended period of time can be stressful. To make your surroundings fresh and green, add indoor plants. Plants will not only increase the oxygen flow at your workstation, but they also add an element of freshness and positiveness.

You can also place small flower pots with vibrant flowers to add more color to the room. Additionally, you can buy colorful and stylish plant pots that complement your home office. If you are artistic or like DIY activities, you can paint a pot yourself, it would also help you personalize your desk.

Apart from the above points, you also need to take care of the placement of your home office, natural ventilation like doors and windows,  and accessibility to electric plug points. As most meetings in work-from-home mode are conducted virtually, make your background is not messy, and it appears decent in your video calls. Also, make arrangements for an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection. We hope these tips were helpful in creating an efficient and pleasant home office. 

Happy Working!

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