TOP 10 Reasons Why Toronto Is The MOST LIVEABLE CITY!

Many people, they are more than two million, call Toronto their home. Of course, it is not a secret that Toronto is the largest Canadian city! What makes it the most liveable one? Why, on Earth, is it better than multicultural New York? Take a closer look! Hertz Union Station in Toronto is always ready to give the best car for your money. This is the most comfortable way to travel around the city, looking for the hotel, worthy restaurants, and other city attractions. People DO like staying in Toronto because of its interesting cultural events, culinary delights, variety of transportation, great parks and public spaces. Looking for the brightest party, relaxation, or something to explore, come to Toronto.

There are many more reasons to visit this city!



  1. Because of friendly Torontonians

The first thing that attracts people to one or another place is atmosphere. How warm the atmosphere in Toronto is? Locals are always warm and friendly. They are very communicative and extremely polite. You feel like at home. They can answer every your questions and help you if you have troubles with something. Thus, locals can help you to build up the best tourist route. You will learn their culture, habits, their life priorities. Having coffee in a bar, catch your chance and talk to locals. It is not a difficult thing to start a conversation and ask for direction. Little by little, and you know everything about Toronto.

  1. Because of variety of foods

How fast can you choose what to eat? Here, in Toronto, you may need much time to choose. The choice is really big! What food do you prefer? Do you like Indian or Chinese cuisine? You may want something from French or native American cuisine. Do you prefer Greek to French-Canadian? You can try Poutine. This is a popular Canadian dish that every tourist should try. It is not cheap but you can wait until 3 a.m. and find it in the local restaurants for cheaper price. Honestly, if you still have doubts about what dish to try, you can go for traditional French fries and burgers. It’s up to you.


  1. Because of variety of sports

Toronto is a dream-city for all sport lovers. All the sports are affordable here. What sport do you prefer? Are you a fan of Maple Leafs or Raptors? You can watch hockey, basketball, baseball. Blue Jays stadium looks really massive! Whenever you go, you can’t go wrong direction. Of course, a favorite sport that all Canadians go crazy for is hockey. The tickets can be expensive.

  1. Because of movies

Yeah, you heard it right! What do you like to do on a Saturday evening? There are many popular movies that were filmed in Toronto. How about the legendary Mean Girls? Watch the film or your favorite TV show and go around the city. It is full of so-called movie-places. You can easily recognize them. You can take a tour to see all popular movie places in the city.

  1. Because of cleanliness

Toronto is a huge city but very clean. As a rule, people think that all big cities are dirty and extremely polluted. Well, Toronto is a unique place that is actually the cleanest in Canada. How many big cities have you already visited? Toronto is completely different! That’s why it is important to keep the streets clean and don’t trash it.

Niagara Falls

  1. Because of interesting road trips

You need a car to travel all over the city. It is huge and you can waste much time to getting from one its side to another. Rental car is also the most preferable way of traveling for family tourists. But you are wrong if you think that all interesting places are concentrated in the center of Toronto only. Take a car and go outside the city. You will surely find beautiful landscapes, big waterfalls, cool wineries, cottages. What do you know about Niagara Falls? You have a chance to see the fall with your own eyes.

  1. Because of arts and artists

Toronto is not only a popular movie place, but one of the biggest artistic centers in the world. You can easily recognize their names and refresh them in your memory.  Locals love Mr. Drake the most. They really appreciate his contribution and even opened The Drake Hotel in his honor.

You can’t see crowds of tourists on the streets of Toronto. Of course, it is a large Canadian city. But…unlike other big cities in America or whenever you are, Toronto is different. That’s a great surprise but the city is so big that you don’t really notice all those crowds! That can be your greatest vacation! You can do everything that the tourists need and enjoy the city to the full. Try to pick the most comfortable way of getting around the city!

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