Bloomy Places and Spectacular Views in California IN SPRING

Fresno is a beautiful city, comfortably located in the heart of California. That’s so convenient! The sea coast is just few hours driving from here. Actually, you can take a day trip in any direction from Fresno to see the most spectacular views in America. What is more, you can take exotic car rental in Fresno airport and visit Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other popular cities. They are easy to get from Fresno by car. Look! Go to the web and find the perfect car at your location from the list. By the way, California is very beautiful in spring. That’s why you need a good, probably convertible car to visit as much admirable places as you can.

Near La Pared


It is not a secret that California has four seasons. Each season has much to offer, do, see, and admire. Visiting California in spring you have a chance to see bright bloomy parks and gardens, hidden rivers, and noisy waterfalls.

  1. Go to see Anza-Borrego Desert

This is one of the most fantastic places you can visit. The scientists call this dessert an unusual phenomenon. Have you ever seen a dessert? You can’t even imagine how dry and harsh place it is! Just few desserts in the world come to life in spring. Anza-Borrego is one of them. Every spring this dessert place becomes the most beautiful bloomy territory. How? Oh, it is not difficult to explain. The seeds of flowers are kept in the ground during the dry period. They wait for spring water. When the water arrives, the desert turns into a huge field, covered with colorful blooming flowers. If you want to take the most of your journey, you should come here in March.

Desert Wildflower Super Bloom

  1. Visit Temecula Valley Balloon Festival

Looking for a romantic escape, you can visit a balloon and wine festival in Temecula. You can mix flying balloons with tasty wine. Can you imagine anything more romantic than spectacular flights? Hold a course for Lake Skinner. At the end of spring thousands of people come here to watch the festival for three days. Of course, when watching is not enough, you can take a flight and have the most romantic evening ever. What about the festival? Traditionally, it offers lots of food, live music, noisy concerts, and kiddy attractions. By the way, wine tasting is included!

Hot air balloons

  1. Go to Death Valley in spring

This is another dry place you can see in California. What is more, this is one of the driest places on the planet! You can read about it from the books or from the web. The highest record temperature here was more than 55°C. Still, nobody come to this hottest territory, except for in spring. Why? All tourists are in hurry to get to the valley during spring because this is the right time when the dry dessert territory covers with beautiful and colorful spring flowers. You can see thousands of blue, white, red, yellow wildflowers. It never fails to amaze you how all those tender creatures could survive in such a harsh climate! Yeah, you are right. It is almost impossible to survive here! Super bloom only happens after heavy rains in autumn and winter. If the surface isn’t wet enough, you can’t see any flowers in spring. So, it is better to check the information before you go.

Desert Early Bloom

  1. Visit Yosemite National Park to see giant sequoias

Meet one more popular tourist place you should visit in spring. Here, in Yosemite, you can find the largest trees on the planet. These sequoias are known in the whole world. They are even called nature’s skyscrapers. So, if you want to walk through the groves of sequoias and admire the view of Sierra Nevada mountains, come to California in spring.

Yosemite National Park-2

  1. Find roaring spring waterfalls

Hunting for waterfalls you can explore the territory of the state in all directions. It is not e problem if you have a good rental car, ready to meet all the natural disasters and off-roading. So, where to go? Go to see the biggest and the most powerful waterfall in the state. It is called Bridalveil Fall. You will be surprised how big and powerful the waterfall can be! It becomes even bigger in spring. Roaring water can be a good background for your selfies and videos. Keep in mind, the Liberty Cap Rock is few minutes driving from here. You have a chance to see two marvelous views on the same way.

Traveling in spring in California, be ready to leave your car at the parking spot and continue your way walking. Don’t worry about your rental car. As a rule, there are well-organized parking spots at the tourist attractions and at the nearest hotels and cafes. If the mountain sceneries are not enough for you, go to the seaside.

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