Get Bored? TOP 7 Great Places to Take Your Kids Traveling

Do you remember those times when you went traveling with your parents? Probably, you don’t. It’s not surprising at all because you were too small to remember the route or it wasn’t very interesting. Do you want your kids remember the trip? So, let’s start planning right now! But before you pick the car from Payless CVG, book a comfortable hotel and mark all interesting stops on your map, make sure this place is really good for kids Do you remember what you liked the most when you were a kid? Get ready for the trip on one of these routes.




  1. Florida, Miami

The trip is interesting for kids of age 7-12.  Miami Beach is always friendly destination for family travelers. It gives many opportunities for tropical beaches, water sports, interactive museums, Jungle Island, and street parties. This is a place not only for taking beach pictures but having active holidays.

Popular family hotels: Ritz-Carlton Harbor with its kids’ club, Hilton Bentley Miami with the beach and parks around.

  1. Florida, Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

This trip would be interesting for adult kids age of 8-13. Of course, if your teen kids also go crazy about Harry Potter you can visit this place with no doubts. This is a nice opportunity for your family to ride a car to Harry Potter’s magic world. Come here in the morning and be ready to stay till evening. You have a chance to visit all legendary Potter’s places like a Whomping Willow, quidditch field, and Ollivander’s shop. There is much to do and much to see.

Popular family hotels: you are offered to stay in such thematic hotels as Hard Rock, Portofino Suites. Also, you can boor a suite at the Marriott Lakes, a popular kiddy place.

The Making of Harry Potter


  1. Wyoming, Jackson Hole

This trip can be interesting for small and adult kids. The best age is 6-16. So, is there anything to do in Wyoming with kids? The most popular kiddy place you can find in Teton Park is Jackson Hole. This is the best place for outdoor activities. You can teach your children rafting, skiing, skating, or just exploring the mysterious castle in Teton Village.

Popular family hotels: here you can find two popular resorts that are more than comfortable for family tourists. One of them is Jackson Hole Hotel and the second is Teton Lodge.



  1. Mexico, Maya Riviera

The trip is recommended for kids of different age from 4 to 14. Do you think that Mexico is not a perfect location for kids? They can practice in swimming, snorkeling, surfing, floating. There are special classes for children they can learn many different activities. You have much to try! Don’t forget to visit Eco Park and stay for picnic in Playa Carmen. You need a car to get to Dolphin Center where your toddlers and teens will be excited to play and swim with dolphins. Finally, go to Tulum to explore the ancient ruins.

Popular hotels to live: you should pick such popular resorts as Panama Resort, Maya Grand Resort. They are family friendly and have convenient location.

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  1. Texas, Dinosaur Valley Park

Sure enough, this park is good for young travelers who are fond of dinosaurs. The best age for the trip can be 5-10 years. The park is comfortably situated not far from Dallas and considered to be the best dinosaur park in the whole world. What are you going to do at this exotic location? You can take a tour and have a trip through the park, including bike tours, fishing, and visiting local museum.

Best kiddy hotels to live: the most convenient place to live near the Dinosaur Valley is Glen Rose Hotel or Dinosaur Valley Suites.



  1. Montana, Glacier State Park

Traditionally, national parks are the best places to have rest with the whole family. But if you want your kids remember this journey, take them to see Montana attractions at the age of 8-18. Any ideas about what to do in the park? Go hiking! You can take a bike or go on foot, but transport here is minimal. Traveling with small kids, you can take a bus tour. There is much to do: kayaking, canoeing, boating, and watching nature.

Places to live: you can try to book a family suite at Apgar Village Hotel.

  1. Colorado, Denver Mile High City

You can start traveling with your children when they are small. But if you have an idea to visit Mile City in Denver, the perfect age is 8-16. What to do? The most interesting attraction for toddlers is visiting Denver Zoo. Also, they will be excited to visit Denver Museum and practice outdoor activities.

Popular family friendly suites: stay at Kimpton Hotel in the center of Denver. Also, you can book a suite at the Hyatt Hotel Regency, Denver.

You can find many interesting destinations for traveling with kids. Traveling through America you can find many kiddy places to spend your quality time there. Every state, every city has much to see and to do. Start with the most interesting one!

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