8 Best-Paying Mobile Ad Networks for Publishers and Advertisers

The use of mobile phones is quite common and have exceed the use of desktops or PC. People prefer mobile applications over the websites and have drastically gone from the sites to apps for different purposes. It has increased the chances of earning for the mobile app companies, and advertisers and publishers. Now the advertisements are placed in the apps for increased reach. The two parties have developed networks of Mobile ads and marketers have to find a suitable genuine network to market their brand.

It is not easy to find a relevant network and needs a lot of search. Not all the networks are worth it or suitable for every brand. Some mobile ad networks have premium access of apps, while the rest allow every app to join the network. Therefore, you have to do thorough research to be able to connect with a network which provides appropriate apps according to the type of your brand. Following are the types of ad campaigns provided by the networks.

Cost Per Mile – CPM: The charges of the ads depend on the impressions. The advertisers are charged for every 1000 impressions and the publishers get paid in the same manner as well.

Cost Per Click – CPC: The advertisers are charged for every click that the user makes on the ad.

Cost Per Install – CPI: The most common and cost effective type of campaign is CPI. The advertisers are charged for every click leading to app installation only.

Cost Per View – CPV: In this type of campaign, the advertisers are charged every time the user watches the complete video ad.

Cost Per Action – CPA: In this type of campaign, the advertisers are charged only when an action is taken. For instance, the ad leading to newsletter subscription or placing an order.

Regardless of the type of network, according to 7DollarEssay researchers, the main role is of targeting in any type of marketing strategy. The brands or advertisers need to be highly specific and certain about the type of audience they want to target. Some properties that need to be considered while targeting are the kind of device used by the people, their region or location, their device operating systems, their carriers, their connections, their genders, and the interests and actions they have on online forums.

Following are some of the mobile ad networks that advertisers can consider for marketing.


Thisnetwork is created and maintained by Google exclusively. It has more than 1,000,000 advertisers grouped. They types of ad formats that it supports are interstitial, video, native. The campaign types are CPI, CPM, and CPC. It can be operated on Android, Ios, Cocos, and Unity.


Startup was founded in 2010 and is based in NY, USA. It has more than 50,000 advertisers on-board. It supports interstitial, video, in-app ads, full page ads and app icon ad formats. The campaign types supported are CPM, CPI, CPC, and CPA. It can be operated on Android and IOS.


Th9is network is based in San Francisco, USA. It has more than 20000 global advertisers and supports interstitial, video, native, rich media, and banner ad formats. The campaign types are CPI and CPC. It can be operated on Android Ios, and Mobile Web.

Yahoo Publishing Apps

It was previously known as Flurry and Yahoo acquire it in 2014. This network is more inclined towards analytics and has more than 250,000 developers on board. The supported ad formats are standard displays, in-stream native, banner, video, and full screen ads. The campaign types are CPC, and CPI. It can be operated on Android and IOS.


It is based in San Francisco and is based in 2011. It has more than 300000 advertisers on board and supports video, interstitial, content lock, and offer wall ad formats. The campaign types are CPC, and CPI. It can be operated on Android and IOS.


Again based in San Francisco, this network used analytics to generate and provide the user with authentic leads. It has more than 200000 users and supports custom built ad formats. The campaign types are CPA and CPC. It can be operated on Android devices, apple devices, and mobile web.


It has programmic ad format and is based in Berlin supporting app developers, agencies, advertisers, DSPs and other ad networks. It has more than 7600 direct integrations. It supports video, interstitial, banner, and native ad formats. The campaign types are CPI, CPM, CPA, and CPV. It can be operated on android and apple devices.


Airpush was founded in 2010 in LA, USA. It has more than 47000 live campaigns. It supports notifications, offer wall, interstitial, messaging, and app icon formats. The supported campaign types are CPM and CPC. It can only be operated on android systems.

Mobile ad networks are quite helpful and effective for increasing sales and for the mobile app companies as well. It is a modern advertising tactic for the marketers and can have a high positive impact. If you are able to find a suitable network for your brand, then you can easily grow in the market. Discussed above are some of the amazing options from which you can choose according to your requirements and specifications.

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