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5 Tips Professional Domestic Cleaners Don’t Want You to Know

The domestic cleaning industry is a booming one with every growing demand. With life getting busier, there’s often less time to clean, yet you still want your home to be sparkling with cleanliness. As a result, professional domestic cleaning has become an expanding industry and there are more domestic cleaners to hire than ever before!

With domestic cleaning being quite competitive there are a few tips and tricks that the professionals want to keep secret! In this article, we provide insight into five tips domestic cleaners don’t want you to know! Then use these top cleaning hacks to transform your cleaning routine.

1. Always Buy in Bulk

It’s easy to get discouraged when the cleaning materials or supplies you need to complete your to-dos are missing because you have run out. This can lead you to procrastinate or delay the task at hand for quite some time. Meanwhile, the dirt and the duties keep on piling up.

To prevent this, it is highly recommended that whenever you’re out shopping for the essentials, always buy in bulk! This can have several benefits. For starters, you won’t own to worry about you running out of equipment routinely. Secondly, with all the material laying around and ready for use, you’ll feel more motivated! Not to mention that buying supplies in bulk can help you save money on your cleaning budget.

2. Stay Organised and Start Labelling!

Once you’ve purchased your bulk cleaning supplies then you’ll need to keep everything neat, tidy, and orderly so you can easily find it when you need to.  It is highly important to keep your cleaning equipment organised.

Our lives are constantly cluttered with the material and accessories we surround ourselves with. In this ruckus, it’s only natural if we end up losing or misplacing our cleaning equipment! To tackle this problem, it’s always best to keep your cleaning supplies organised and grouped together so that they are readily available nearby when needed.

To stay even tidier, label them with a stick-on and write their designated spot on it so that if anyone else picks it up, they put it back in the right space!

3. Make The Job Interesting

Let’s face it. Cleaning your house can be a boring activity.  It’s easy to avoid cleaning when you’d rather be doing anything else. To prevent procrastination, make your cleaning work more interesting with an incentive. Treat yourself afterwards with a refreshing walk or another favourite activity.

Another way to make the job interesting is by listening to or catching up on things and topics that interest you, via the use of podcasts. Listening to podcasts of your choice can make time fly by really quickly. If you’re not into audiobooks, you can listen to your favourite type of music and get the work done with a beat!

4. Work When The Sun’s Up!

The sun dictates our circadian rhythm. Naturally, we’re mostly energised during the day and liable to be lazy or unproductive once the sun’s down. Use your biological clock to ensure that you get the bulk of your cleaning done during the day. This will ensure that you don’t pin the reason for not cleaning up on procrastination or tiredness.

Furthermore, natural lighting is also highly advisable for cleaning. Cleaning in the dark can make it difficult to spot dust bunnies. This can be downright tiring and torturous, which is why you will rarely see domestic cleaners offering their services at night hours. Open up your windows and light up the place. The natural lighting will energise you while providing optimal lighting. So open up the blinds, and the chances are that you won’t miss any spots!

5. Stick to a Routine

The importance of a routine in virtually any field of work cannot ever be undervalued. A routine helps us stay organised and helps us make the best use of our time. Furthermore, a routine can also hold us accountable for our progress and goals and serves as a benchmark for further motivation. Hence, when considering cleaning your house, try to make a routine and then stick to it.

This routine may be shaped however you want to, but ensure that it’s one you’re comfortable with. It can follow any format you want. For example, you can clean the bathrooms first thing in the morning and then clean the kitchen in the afternoon. Or you can clean the whole house in one go, but start with a particular place first! Furthermore, you can also reward yourself if you successively stick to the routine you set for yourself. The idea here is the create a habit, and an active reward habit in the initial stages will help with that!

Another way to stick to a routine, especially if you are short on time is by working with house cleaners near me. You can arrange with an expert, local house cleaner to come by on a regular basis. This will help to ensure that even when you’re too busy to clean yourself that your place stays in top shape.

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