The War is Never Ended : Qualcomm VS Apple

The legal bickering between Qualcomm and Apple seems never end. Qualcomm is still trying to fight back the lawsuit filed by Apple. Previously, Qualcomm sued Apple with 5 points. First, Apple was accused of not deliberately exploring and exploiting the maximum potential of the Qualcomm modem chipset embedded in the iPhone 7. It affect the phone’s performances as  the Qualcomm’s chipset looks no superior to Intel’s. Secondly, Qualcomm accused Apple for not being transparent to the buyers of the iPhone 7 about the advantages and capabilities of its chipset compared to Intel’s. In other words, Apple is accused to protect the shortcomings of Intel.

The third to fifth points became a reply to Apple’s earlier demands. Qualcomm accused Apple for violating agreements and negotiations that have been agreed, by attacking the company’s chipset. Apple is rumored to have decided to stop paying licensing fees for Qualcomm’s smartphone chips. The decision made Qualcomm furious as they proposed to block iPhone’s imports.

Recently, Qualcomm’s resistance is conducted by asking the United States’ government to block the selling of the latest Iphone. In addition, they also want to the current Iphone sales to be stopped. Qualcomm accused Apple of infringing his six patents on how to extend the battery life on the smartphones. Currently, Qualcomm is reportedly filing an objection letter through the US International Trade Commission and US District Court for the Southern District of California.

Qualcomm’s General Counsel Don Rosenberg argued that their inventions are inside every Iphone. They also claimed that Apple is continuing to use their technology but refuse to pay the licenses. This patent problem can be regarded as an escalation of the tension relations between the two companies. Before, Qualcomm and Apple had also been at war on another matter. The earlier dispute revolves around the alleged monopoly of Qualcomm and the excess of charges imposed on Apple.

The Federal Trade Commission had filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm over the issue of monopolistic practices in the sale of smartphone modems. At the same time, Apple also filed a similar lawsuit. Apple accused Qualcomm for charging excessive fees in the use of certain patents. In addition, Apple also accused Qualcomm for misappropriating its position as the market leader and applying unfair terms of use.

It only takes 3 months for them to take more numbers of lawsuit. Although the business’s still running, and both of company are getting their own benefits, they still sue each other without getting tired? Are you interested with this battle development? Stay tuned

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