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Bitcoin Fever and AMD

Virtual currency’s fever (cryptocurrency) Bitcoin and Ethereum jumped demand of computer graphic card component. It’s because the processor chip (GPU) plant on the graphic cards is considered more reliable, durable, and efficient for mining virtual currency than the CPU does. The graphics card manufacturer was shared profits as their products flow faster in the market as it can be sold at higher prices due to high and growing demand.

Nevertheless, AMD as one of the best graphic card manufacturer well known with its Radeon chip, recognize this fact and looks seriously response it.  AMD is aware about high demand of cryptocurrency, as it was delivered at the company’s financial statement announcement conference by CEO Lisa Su.

The Bitcoin and Etherium’s miners contribute to the increase in AMD’s business profits from graphics card sectors. It’s recorded to have 51 percent growth compared to last year. However, AMD considered cryptocurrency fever as non-sustainable phenomenon even they’re still watching and monitor its development periodically. Therefore, AMD still prioritizes the supplies of their products to traditional partners which is mostly PC game retailers.

AMD has just introduced Radeon RX Vega graphic card series. RX VEGA priced at US$ 699 including the liquid-cooling cooler. This step is marking the return of AMD to the realm of high-end graphics cards.

Speaking of which, the price of Bitcoin continues to climb this year. The value of a piece of Bitcoin has been recorded through the range of US$ 2000 as Coinbase and Kraken rank. The value is the highest so far. Previously, in March, Bitcoin has passed the price of gold which was amounted to US$ 1236 per tray ounce. Based on the price of US$2000 per chip, Bitcoin is having value of US$ 32.92 billiion in circulation (market cap).

Despite of these positive progresses, Bitcoin is often known to experience sharp value fluctuations as it is not officially regulated by an authority such as a central bank. The price rate of US$ 1,000 was penetrated by Bitcoin in 2013. Shortly afterwards, Bitcoin collapsed and plunged to just US$ 400 per chip.

However, Bitcoin again touched the range of 1,000 US dollars at the end of 2016 and showed a continuing upward trend since then. Are you interested in making some money through cryptocurrency mining? Then you can still rely on Bitcoin as long as you continue to monitor the development. To support your mining activities you can simply equip your tool with AMD’s graphic cards.

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